Gun Metal Fuchsia

Custom Made Gunmetal, Chains and Feathered Earrings! This amazing One of a Kind Piece is a beauty to see!  These earrings have never been seen, as it's designed and created all in its own. This 3-Chain and Feathered Gunmetal is made with Hot Fuschia Feathers. Designed with a vision and purpose; inspired by distinct unique qualities.  
Amazing to wear as a statement earring on one side, with your hair down or swept to the side to display the chains and feathers. Sexy and Edgy, a unique accessory to call your own. A great pop of color for the summer!
Made with Love. Enjoy! 
8 1/2" total in length
Designed and Made in Canada
$25.00 CAD
$35.00 CAD
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