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Year Of the Sheep in 2014




Sheep keywords: Artistic, gentle, and loves the good life.


Finally, greatness! Horse is your strong ally, so together you can make sweet music — and have a lot of fun in the process. Let loose, run free, be the Sheep bohemian who you really are. Now is your year for art, beauty, and creativity. Travel, explore, and take risks to bring it all home next year Sheep 2015 another very lucky year for you.  

People born in Sheep year are artistic, kind, inspired, very empathetic, and naturally creative. They appreciate beauty in all its forms and are connoisseurs of the best life has to offer.  

The mildness of Sheep can hide an independent streak. In the wild, Sheep are surprisingly tough and able to tolerate sever weather and scarcity of food. A Sheep person has this natural ability to survive when they must, and is far stronger than they appear. A Sheep can be calm and charming, yet is very focused in her determination. A Sheep won’t be told what to do, stay at a job she dislikes, or be forced to compromise. If you are not a Sheep favorite, and Sheep do have their small select group, they won’t confront you but will just go their own way.

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 I'm definitely playing my lotto ticket today!!!  :) :) :)

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