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Shoes For The Stars


So, I stumbled across this store on Melrose, called "Shoes for the Stars" where they have a variety of shoes and dresses that Celebs, Stylists and PR go to for red carpet events.  I got to know the owner, Jacob who is very well known all around town and in the Fashion Industry.  A very nice guy and I was given the opportunity to pull here for "The Great Gatsby" Photo Shoot I did for Designer Dar Sara, which I will blog about soon.

While I was here, I got to do a fun little photo shoot with some of the pieces.  It is a showroom of one of a kind pieces for celebs such as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Miss Universe.  These pieces are exceptional.  The work and talent that goes into each individual piece is phenomenal.  I truly respect the art, talent and dedication of these artists, as I can relate to it myself.  It made me realize that a showroom of my work is what I need and want to do.  My ideal was to have my own boutique, but couture needs a showroom  :) 

I was a kid in a Couture Candy Store.  Couture Heaven.  Grinning from Ear to Ear.  It was as if I was 8 again in my moms closet (without her knowing, of course ;) trying on her clothes, jewellery and make up.  Oh what a feeling and what a thrill!  You'll see why... It's just one of those things that brought me back to a little girl again and bwoy was it fun!  lol





I highly suggest that you stop by for a visit next time you're in LA.  It's well worth the trip and one you won't want to miss!

Shoes for the Stars
7558 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046