ZOS - True Colors




My cousin Larry took this picture for me and I laughed my a$$ off when he showed it to me.  It's a little family inside thing that unless you're fam or close to, you know.  H i l a r i o u s .  I tell ya! 

And what made it even funnier is that I hate Ginger.  It reminds me of every time I'm sick and my mother would make ginger tea for me, which I do still drink, but hate.  It reminds me of it every time and I mentioned it to my cuz and his wife and when they saw it, they took a picture of it instantly!  lol.  Thanks guys!  Love you!  You made my day!  ♥  I could not stop laughing. 

And you bet I'm grabbing a whole bunch to bring back home with me!  ;)