ZOS - True Colors



If you haven't already noticed, I work with leather.  Lambskin leather, that is.  I choose to work with lambskin leather because it's the softest of the leather and is versatile with the jewellery and accessories I create. 

It is soft and supple to the touch, great for stylish belts, earrings, bracelets and pretty much any trim or design for any piece of clothing.  Leather is a luxury.  It is a material you would equate to of high quality and caliber.  It is a durable fabric, long lasting and worth the purchase, especially if you're one to keep your hard earned goods lasting for years to come! - If not, it's not too late to consider and your feet will THANK YOU for it!  ;)

I love lambskin leather for the range of colors it comes in and also, for it's versatility in thickness, texture and weight. Another reason why I love leather is because it doesn't FRAY like fabric does! You just cut it and that's that.  Unlike fabric, you have to sew the edges and clean finish them.  With leather, you have the option to finish the edges with bonding tape or sewing it.  With fabric, if you leave a piece of clothing raw, it is said to look and be unfinished, whereas with leather, leaving it raw can be the style and look of the piece.  So, in conclusion, leather is just a much more easy and versatile material to work with, in my opinion - and also why it is my material of choice.

Leather is just HOT.  It looks hot, you feel good wearing it and it's a luxury.  Who doesn't love to be wrapped in luxury?  It's been on trend on the runways and is still trending. Whether it be on the runways of Paris, Milan or New York; down to the very streets of these cities, you will see leather in every shape and form and if you haven't gotten the memo:  It's not going anywhere  :)