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Fringe /frinjan ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material.

Fringe originates in the ends of the warp, projecting beyond the woven fabric. In this way, a cut piece of fabric would not require hemming in order to achieve an edge which would not unravel: several strands of weft threads would be removed and the warp threads would remain. More commonly it is made separately and sewn on, consisting sometimes of projecting ends, twisted or plaited together, and sometimes of loose threads of wool, silk, or linen, or narrow strips of LEATHER.





......  I knew I was doing something right when I was designing my collection of leather fringe earrings!  :)  As we know, fashion recycles itself and comes back around sooner or later - full circle.  And NOW, the trend is FRINGE.  You may recall this in the 70's & 80's or even way back to the Roaring 20's (My favorite era! Next to the 70's of course!).  Well now, it's back again and you can certainly check out these looks below.  Familiarize yourself with possibly incorporating fringe into your wardrobe or as an accessory - to start (if you're not so adventurous; yet lol.  Shop ZOS and get your leather fringe earrings and you will be on point with this trend for the season!  Don't miss out because as trends go....  it will be gone before you know it!





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