ZOS - True Colors



Just like Fashion Trends, there are Color Trends. Color Trends are just as important because it previews the 'feature' color for the season. Can you guess this season's color? We'll leave it until the end of this blog post and see just how close you were ;)

Now, much the same as Fashion Trends, which you already know, I don't follow. As far as Color, I've always had an unexplainable knack of being able to forecast color trends before it coming out. I know, hard to believe, but it's odd and I even surprise myself. I do have a favorite color, but besides that, I would always have a feature 'color' that I would either be wearing or shopping for because I was just really into it at the moment.  And again without following the Fashion Trends, I wouldn't research or study this. The colors would obviously change from time to time because that's how trends work, but I just called it my favorite colors at the time and it always worked out to be the color that was trending. Unpremeditated I call it. Sound familiar? (*hint: Previous blog quote) 

Do you remember wayyy back, when the color purple was popular?  No word of a lie, I was into it 3 years before that time period.  I remember it being six years ago, I had a wedding to go to and I was shopping for a purple dress.  And need I not leave out that when I shop, I ensure to go everywhere and exhaust all of my options until I am satisfied.  I was with my girlfriend Tiffany and I know you remember this girl lol, we were going all around Yorkdale and I HAD TO have a purple dress.  Even she couldn't understand why it had to be purple, but it did.  And so I found it.  It was a cute purple stretch dress from FCUK (French Connection), with little yellow/gold floral accents.  So pretty and very content I was.  This was 2007, so it was 2010 when the color purple became a hit.  Don't ask me how, it's just something I know for some strange reason and colors I always wear before it even comes out or at that current moment.  ?  Just one of those things... Left unanswered or a natural gift again I like to call it.  Not complaining :)

After that, I knew I was just a natural Color Guru lol.  Hence my blog, True Colors.  I love Color and am good at it!  Great combo, huh?!  So, let me share with you... Colors that prevailed after that were Royal Blue, Nude/Blush, Navy, Turquoise, Coral, Emerald Green, Metallics, White and Black, Pastels, Neon and now... Apricot!  Soft Orange Tones, Tangerine and Sun Kissed hues are the colors of the season.  Now, did you guess that?  Were you right?!  :)  Good for you if you were, if not... look out for it!  And you can say; now you know!




Besides having a natural ability to forecast trends, which I know not everyone has, there are websites that can assist you.  WGSN is a renowned company and worldwide leader in forecasting color trends.  Use them as guides again, but put your own spin on it.  Always!