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Average People


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I love this quote from Kelly Cutrone, an American fashion publicist, television personality and author.  This conversation was derived from an episode of 'The City'.  An oldie, but goodie :)


Kelly:  "You have to be prepared for people to hate you.  You know, average people love to be average because nobody bothers them."
Whitney:  "Well, I don't want to be an average person."
Kelly:  "Well then it would be crazy if you weren't terrified."


This scene stuck with me immediately because I could definitely relate.  I've always been different, whether it is as a person, my style or my personality.  And because of that you are looked at differently.  I've never been average nor would ever want to be.  I've never been satisfied with 'the norm', the 9-5 way of living, the 'in the box' thinking, or whatever you want to call it.  I always strive and is who I am; to be different.  I embrace this and love it. 

Now, just like in Kelly's quote, when you're not average... people will bother you.  These people are called Haters.  lol I really don't like to use this term and often don't, but in actuality, it's the truth.  That's why there are haters out there, a lot of them in fact, but that is only because YOU are not like them, or 'the norm' and what it does, is give them something to talk about.  That's what they do.  We all have haters or have come across one, at least in our lives.  If not, then lucky you.  I've had my share and probably still do.  To my face or behind my back, but I rather be different than be average and if that's what it takes, then keep a coming :P  Realize it though, I don't support it.  I rather and am more of a person that believes to encourage and be happy for people as oppose to hating for no apparent reason, which is usually the case.  Most often, haters are insecure in themselves and I really do hope that one day they will learn to spread love as oppose to hate.

Being different, not only brings on these negative people, but also comes with it is taking great risks and fear.  Just like Whitney being terrified of her image and work being disliked by the masses, she took a risk and this involves you coming out of your comfort zone and feeling afraid.  I encourage all of you to do this.  It doesn't have to be skydiving, bungee jumping or climbing Mount Everest!  It could be something small, something that you normally wouldn't do, but would love to, sometime in your life, set out and do.  Whether it is enrolling in a dance class, learning a new language or just meeting new people.  Whatever your fear is or whatever's been stopping you, GO DO IT.  You only live once and life is short.  You'll be happier with the result of doing it as oppose to not.  Take the chance and conquer it!   "It would be CRAZY if you didn't!"  :P