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I came across this cafe in Cerritos called Arté Cafe.  Now if you are Filipino, only you would understand this; or if you have an extended Filipino family, you would know the meaning.  I was drawn to take a picture because of the strong significance of it and how funny it was to me. 

In Filipino, Arté which is actually the short form for Ma'arte' means 'over acting'.  It is usually a young girl who over exaggerates everything and is overly dramatic.  Drama Queen, Diva... etc are the English versions to this word.  Can you guess why this was funny to me?  And the reason for writing it in this blog post?  Without stating the obvious, maybe I was the little girl that was called this lol and maybe even so to this day ;)  Well, you know you've heard of the saying you can't teach an ol' gal new tricks... well I guess the same applies here :)

It's funny because as a little girl and growing up, my family, especially my parents called me this a lot.  Maarte.  I'm so used to it by now, it just makes me laugh.  It's a little inside thing now between my mother and I, cute and quirky.  We just laugh and have fun with it.  Now as a lady, and grown :)

After doing a little bit of research on this word, for this blog actually.  It lead me to a very interesting website that gives the definition and translation to the word Maarte, as well as examples of it being used in sentences.  BUT above all else, the BEST tidbit of information of allll, I just learned from this link is this:

People who are fashion designers are maarte, but they are forgiven for being meticulous because it's their job.



So, see Mom and Dad! lol  It's not my fault, it's just meant to be!  It Makes More Sense to me now, than ever before!  Do you know how refreshing this little tidbit of information is to me?!  Now it all makes sense.  Maarte :)