ZOS - True Colors




There’s a popular belief amongst anthropologists: that you must immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world, in order to truly understand your own.


Annie Braddock, from the movie “The Nanny Diaries” [2007]


Now in order to truly understand this statement, you really must do and be as it says.  I was living back home in comfortable Toronto and really did not realize, but knew at the same time, that once I left home and did something drastic, like perhaps fly 5000 miles to California, let's say... lol; that my comfort zone would be shifted; and say it ain't so... here I am ;) 

And, I knew this.  I wasn't oblivious to it.  But I gotta tell you, I really did not know the extent of this shift until I arrived here.  Don't get me wrong, I still love California with all my heart, but living here is not the same as vacationing here, especially having done so for the first time, period.  I've been here many times before to visit family and vacay, but never for more than two weeks at a time, and my decision in staying here for 5 months, yes, I am here for 5 months folks lol, is to truly experience the life here, not as a tourist or a visitor, but as a local Californ-I-A...

So far, it's been great.  I love California.  I'm a true California Girl at heart.  Everyone who knows me is aware of this and has always known.  Just the fact that I'm out here right now, not only do I have their love and support, but they also know it's what makes me happy and agree I should be here.  It's no surprise to them, whether it's now or later, that I ventured off...  And that I did; NOW :)

I am here.  I have spread my wings and I am here to make my mark.  My mark on Cali Sand I call it.  It definitely is Unfamiliar.  It definitely is a Challenge.  And it definitely is a Change.  But at least I can say NOW I know.  I know a world that is completely different from my own and because of that, I can now love and appreciate my world in a way that I never knew or even understood before.  That is the Beauty of Change and that is the Beauty of Self.  Know it, Be it and Do it.  You will love yourself for it and others will love you back in return. 

Now I can say I have Two Worlds to call my Own.  They are very different in every sense of the word, but I love them both equally in very different ways.  It did take me literally flying across the map to get these two worlds to collide into ONE Understanding of Self.  BUT I DID AND I KNOW.